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The Common Lisp Cookbook – Home

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Cookbook, n. a book containing recipes and other information about the preparation and cooking of food.

A Cookbook is an invaluable resource, as it shows how to do various things in a clear fashion without all the theoretical context. Sometimes you just need to look things up. While cookbooks can never replace proper documentation such as the HyperSpec or books such as Practical Common Lisp, every language deserves a good cookbook, Common Lisp included.

The CL Cookbook aims to tackle all sort of topics, for the beginner as for the more advanced developer.


Getting started

Language basics

Advanced topics

Outside world

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The Cookbook is also available in EPUB (and PDF) format.

You can download it directly in EPUB and PDF, and you can pay what you want to further support its development:

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The Cookbook has been translated to:

Other CL Resources

and also: Common Lisp Pitfalls by Jeff Dalton.


Advanced books


Further remarks

This is a collaborative project that aims to provide for Common Lisp something similar to the Perl Cookbook published by O’Reilly. More details about what it is and what it isn’t can be found in this thread from comp.lang.lisp.

If you want to contribute to the CL Cookbook, please send a pull request in or file a ticket!

Yes, we’re talking to you! We need contributors - write a chapter that’s missing and add it, find an open question and provide an answer, find bugs and report them, (If you have no idea what might be missing but would like to help, take a look at the table of contents of the Perl Cookbook.) Don’t worry about the formatting, just send plain text if you like - we’ll take care about that later.

Thanks in advance for your help!

The pages here on Github are kept up to date. You can also download a up to date zip file for offline browsing. More info can be found at the Github project page.

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